About Us

Hello Friend is

a platform where On Pro. (Osaka Nation Project)
promotes international connections between "leaders who plays an
active role in the society" and "basketball training."

Osaka Nation Project a.k.a. On Pro.
Our purpose is to train Osaka-n citizens (Japanese citizens) who could provide excellent performance in the world stage. It can be achieved by connecting the education field and the actual world through On Pro's multi-cultural activities, and by situating those activities in an international environment.

Because of the development of information tools such as internet and SNS, people (travelling) and things (being traded) interact actively as never before. Now it is hardly believed individuals' happiness relies upon one country. That is why we should always have global perspective as something fundamental in the field of education and business. Having the world closer to us means, at the same time, having more friends across the borders, beyond the history, over the language, culture, and customs. So…yes! Hello Friend!!

Basketball-oriented educationnal activities

In Japan it tended to be considered decent when athletes have firm fighting spirits, guts, toughness, always do their best, train as hard as possible, etc. But of course that is not everything they need. What the society demands now is not only these traditional military-like vigor toward sport, but also independence and creativity.


To develop international cooperation
To get direct information from overseas
To convey the “latest Japan” to the world

To encourage communication among fellows that have met in extraordinary situation
To propose the best match for language acquisition
To provide business matching

To offer training and interaction opportunities that lead to self-development